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"[The adoption of the Constitution]
will demonstrate as visibly the finger of providence as any possible event in the course of human affairs can ever designate it."
George Washington

Welcome to the official campaign website of David Hagerman, Republican candidate for Judge of the 297th District in Texas. To learn more about David and his service of the public please visit our "About the Candidate" page. To donate funds, or become involved in David's campaign, please visit the "Donate Today" and "Get Involved" pages, respectively.

"Judges may be evaluated not by how much they use their power, but by how much they realize the power they have and temper it accordingly. A judge's inspiration should come, not from any personal agenda or a desire to legislate from the bench, but rather from well established principles of our constitutions and laws applied to an unbiased examination of the facts and evidence."

David Hagerman


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